3 Reasons Video Should Be Included in Your Small Business Marketing Mix

The buzz on the internet regarding YouTube and video marketing is taking the internet by storm…and for good reason! YouTube has over 80 million visitors per month and on average YouTube viewers spend 164 minutes online everyday. Several industry developments in recent years have contributed to these changes, for example, broadband high-speed internet is becoming readily available and more affordable for most households. The cost of consumer video equipment and video editing software is reaching affordable levels bringing down costs running around to the point where a very good quality home studio can be assembled for under $500 and comparable video editing software for your PC or MAC can be purchased for as low as $100. There are several video sharing websites such as Vimeo, Flickr that make hosting videos relatively low cost or in some cases free. In addition, many newly designed smartphones and iPhones are capable of creating short fairly good quality videos and many people are using their mobile phones to upload their videos to video sharing and social media websites.In some cases, as outrageous as it sounds, you don’t even need video equipment or software, as video creation business services such as Animoto will combine current pictures, images or mini video clips from your business and create compelling 30 second to 10 minute videos with sound and sophisticated transitions that you can than use to promote your business or service. If you are a solo professional, freelancer, independent contractor or small brick-and-mortar business you should consider including video marketing in your small business marketing mix and it makes more sense now more than ever!And contrary to most people’s perception, the buzz is not all hype, you can find real results and social media statistics regarding developing video and other rich media tools reported by social media industry websites like Mashable or eMarketer that report industry information regarding the growth of video marketing and consumer video usage. According to eMarketer, in 2009 over 178 million viewers were watching 33 billion videos online and many were downloading them on their phones! And 42% of these same mobile users accessed the internet through their phones. Most small businesses should be able to find ways how they can be included in this vast viewing audience.A compelling short video will help your small business in the following ways:1) Build Credibility. Create informational and how-to videos for your product or service. Make sure the video’s content answers the problem, pain or predicament that your client or customer needs answered. Your objective should be to create value for your target market and the subtle benefit is that your video will position you as the expert or go-to guy or gal who can provide the solution that your client or customer is looking for. Statistics show that including video in your web landing pages and long sales letter microsites can double your conversion rates. You can also create video DVDs that you can give to your customer or client. For example, a wedding photographer can sell wedding these videos to his clients or a salesperson can use good quality customer testimonials to show prospective clients.2) Build Visibility and Improve Google Ranking. Google loves videos especially those that are posted on the most popular video sharing sites, but the biggest one of them all is of course Youtube, now owned by Google with more than 80 million visitors per month. Video content improves your ranking 52 times more than written text. You can promote your website by including linkbacks to your site via your videos and distribute and promote your video with services like Tube Mogul and Traffic Geyser. And with YouTube building your video “channel’ is relatively easy. There are a growing number of good books on Amazon or at your local bookstore that can help you get started with planning, creating and editing your marketing videos, one excellent resource for beginners is YouTube for Business:Online Video Marketing for Any Business by Michael Miller.3) Build Community. You can create a video for your business and by using the most popular social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or MySpace promote your business or service via these platforms. Posting your video on these sites creates linkbacks and contributes to your overall website Google ranking as well as improves the conversations you can start with your current customer base.While video marketing should by no means be your small business’ only marketing tool, for some businesses traditional offline marketing methods may be more effective, but the time has arrived that you can definitely find compelling reasons to include video marketing in your online and offline marketing mix.

Business Marketing and Its Relevance in the Business World

The term business in itself is a very vast affair and includes various domains to it wherein each domain needs to be aptly developed so as to ensure the success of the entire business venture. All the pillars in the business sector have to meet the required specifications and requirements else it is not possible to complete the sense of having a true business set-up. One of the prime sectors of every business which sees to it that business is developed and promoted in the best manner is the business marketing which is a very interesting yet challenging domain.In simple terms, business marketing is a kind of promotion or advertisement of a companies products and services to other factories and companies which in the end is resold out either as components in other products or services or even as a support for the companies daily operations. Business marketing is also named as Internet marketing and in the new business environment it is also called as business-to-business marketing or B2B marketing.The interesting aspect in a B2B sale is the customer part in the entire process which exclusively distinguishes B2B sale from B2C sale. As is clear from the term, in a B2C sale, the customer is an individual whereas in a B2B sale the customer will be an ‘organization’. The ‘business customers’ essentially is broken down into four main categories which are companies which uses services or products, institutions, governmental organizations and resellers.The concept of business marketing involves various dimensions and in all is rightly described as that part of the marketing agenda which facilitates the biggest market of all because the procuring power vested in the hands of companies, institutions and government bodies justifies for more than fifty percent of the economic activity in all the industrialized countries. In all, it can be concluded that the aspect of business marketing is a massive and complicated one but it is this reality of business which caters to the maximum economic development of a nation.

Travel Writing – Earning Money on Your Next Holiday, Vacation Or Getaway

Do you love to travel? I know that’s a silly question. Who doesn’t? Do you find yourself keeping a journal or a diary of your travel adventures? How would like to get paid for those travel adventures you’ve been going on and writing down?Travel writing as a freelance author is one of the fastest growing segments on the internet. As a freelance travel writer, travel related websites will pay you for your articles, whether it’s a cruise to the Mexican Rivera or your visit to a Gothic Cathedral.Of course the first question out of your mouth should be; ‘Why would someone pay me for my travel writing?’ and that is a very good question and a very legitimate one. The answer is simple: most travel related sites support themselves with advertising revenue and affiliate programs with travel companies like Orbitz and the like. In order for the owners to increase the traffic to their sites they need content from a variety of sources (the most popular resource is freelance travel writers). You see, the more content they have the more likely someone searching for information, specific to their site content, is going to find them in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. In addition, the more people that visit their travel site, the greater the chance becomes that the visitor will click an advertisement that generates the site some income.Now you may be thinking that travel writing editors may reject your submission, and that’s true if your submitting just to travel magazines. However, most travel writing web sites are not as strict and the good ones will help you with your writing and edit it so that is grammatically correct if you struggle with that.Another excellent way to get paid for your travel writing is with a blog about your travel adventures. You can setup a blog for free at a number of sites. To get started making money, just sign-up for a free Google AdSense Account and Google will place relevant ads on your site. As people read your articles, they may click on one of the ads and you get paid for that click. Believe me, those clicks add up fast and the next thing you know Google is sending you a check or depositing money in your PayPal account.Even if you’re not a world traveler, I’m willing to bet that you go do things and see places close to you. Those little excursions are what you need to write about. Remember that where you live is a destination for other people. If you write about, people will find it and read about it.If you’re not sure where to start with your travel writing, how to setup a free blog or even what a good travel article looks like there are hundreds of resources, examples and guides online that can help you get started. Some of the resources are free and some cost money. If your just getting started or thinking about trying to earn an income with travel writing I would search for the free resources first before spending any money.Who knows, that next trip you take may just very well get paid for with your travel writing.